The work of Action Uruma is focused on three pillars:

  • Education

  • Health & Nutrition

  • Discipleship

We provide primary education in a war torn village in the province of South Kivu. In this way they are able to develop themselves and get a foundation for further studies. Having an education means a higher chance of a job and hence being able to provide for a family. We teach the children social skills and morals, and learning them how to work together with others.

We help to decrease malnutrition by offering school breakfast to the children. We want to empower families that are going hungry, by giving food and providing jobs. We want to offer school health care, general checks and specific medical care by doing medical outreaches to the school several times a year.

We are planning a medical clinic in the slum area of Goma. We want to show the love of Christ, restore people through medical care, save lives and relief suffering. The clinic will be a pediatric and maternity clinic, providing physical and psychological care. It will be a place for medical training and for receiving international health care professionals. In addition we want to reach out to areas with no or limited health care.

Discipleship means to us spending time with children and youth one on one. Being a family to the ones that don’t have one. Showing them their identity, their value and God given dignity. We want to lead them into a loving relationship with their Heavenly Father, teach them to live a life of worship and prayer, and raise them to become the future leaders they are destined to be. This is also very practically, for example, by helping them to find proper schooling and a job.

Our work is centered around prayer. We base all that we do on God’s leadership. He is the center of our life. He is the Ultimate Father and the one who tells us to care for orphans, to consider the poor, to share our bread, because it is an expression of His heart. We love Him and want to share His love and life with the people around us.


For the coming years we have set ourselves the following specific goals:

  • By the end of the school year 2019-2020, we want to give 250 children access to primary edcuation. Moreover, by the end of 2025, Action Uruma will have sent around 800 children to school and more than 200 children will have access to secondary / high education.

  • We want to see a large number of boys and girls acquire skills through vocational training.

  • We want to give more than 20 people a job with a steady income, so they can care for their families.

  • We are dedicated to seeing more than 10,000 children and families having access to quality health care by 2025. And we want to see a decrease in the mortality rate.

  • We want to see homeless children being brought home and have families.

  • We want to see a strong worship and intercession team raised up to resist the powers of darkness tangible in the region and being able to host God’s presence throughout living a life of purity.


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